Tips for a Good Night at the Theatre

This article will help you be prepared in order to have a good night at the theatre – whether you are new to this world, or a regular goer.

Get the Best S3735637716_4ef944cb2d_beats

Get the best tickets you can afford and the best seating too. A low-cost ticket may be just that – cheap. At the end of the day sitting at the very back or far on the side will give you a miserable experience and you’ll be likely to complain about the play, with a small chance of going back again, really. Is it really worth it?

Dress for the Occasion, Well Sort Of

What you wear isn’t actually all that important. Wear whatever you are most comfortable in, even if it is jeans and a t-shirt. Some people still dress up and make an occasion out of it, but others don’t fret on their appearance.

Be Prepared

Plan ahead of time. Being prepared will allow you to relax and enjoy the theatre atmosphere rather than stressing and possibly running late. Many theatres do not allow latecomers to enter as it ruins the shows for everyone else. Rather, arrive early and enjoy the restaurants, bars and other entertainment available in or right outside the theatre.

Stay Hydrated

Depending on what type of theatre show you are watching, it can be very long and you may get thirsty. Remember that you can often order your interval drinks before the shows even starts – this will spare you having to stand in unpleasant queues where everyone is in a rush.

Be Respectful

Remember to put your phone on silent or switch it off! It will be very embarrassing if your phone starts ringing and everyone is staring at you and making comments. More importantly, it is extremely disrespectful and inconsiderate to the other patrons, as well as the performers. It is disrupting and can cause the performers to get distracted. On the subject of performed, they are known to have stopped the play right there and then when a phone rang in the audience – they simply walked off, and for good reason!

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