Good Shows in Scotland

Scotland is known all over the world for its exciting level of live entertainment and wildly successful shows. This is a selection of a few of them.

Together with Four Season3230283861_8e8fcab82d_bs, the inimitable Frankie Valli will be heading to the Edinburgh Playhouse in the not too distant future. This legendary evergreen group with a sound straight out of heaven will be singing their hit numbers including Big Girls, Rag Doll, Sherry, and Like a Man, to a swooning audience. Ever since 2005, when Clint Eastwood brought out the hit film Jersey Boys, which chronicles Valli and the Seasons’ rise to fame, their fabulous unique sound has attracted a whole new generation of avid listeners.

All Strictly Ballroom fans will be rushing to see Brendan Cole at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal in the 2017 spectacular, the All Night Long Overview. In this latest offering, the audience will be in awe of the magical stage full of special effects and lighting displays, and love the new guest dancers showing off their flamboyant routines to the sounds of the fantastic singers and a 14-piece band.

Bowie fans will be delighted to know that Glasgow’s Theatre Royal along with the the Edinburgh Playhouse will be hosting the Bowie Experience, something which is very meaningful at this time. This concert will take your breath away as you have the chance to pay homage to David Bowie, one of the greatest pop icons. This show will include everything you could wish for from Space Oddity to China Girl. It is set to dazzle audiences everywhere with its brilliant sound and vision, extraordinary detail, and mindblowing costumes.

And for all Irish dance spectacular fans, the Edinburgh Playhouse will be showing Dangerous Games, the latest installment in Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. This glorious production which runs for just over two hours, boasts an exciting new mix of tradition and state of the art technology and entertainment featuring intricate new dance routines, and wonderful music from Gerard Fahy, the composer. Flatley has personally directed all the performers and top acrobats.

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