Gambling at the Theatre Takes Entertainment to New Heights

Gambling at the theatre on smartphones while the show is on would defeat the object of the exercise. There is not to say there is no synergy. Casinos are entertainment centres too, and there is no reason why the two should not combine. After all, if we can have lunch in London followed by a matinee in Piccadilly why not indulge? Moreover, theatre and a dinner afterwards are a great way to spend time with those we love.

How the Hippodrome in London Enables Gambling at the Theatre

The London Hippodrome is a multi storey London period building, built originally in the 1900s as a venue for circus and live shows. It was a dedicated theat6063491826_117d765abd_bre for a long time before falling on hard times. In 2012, it reopened as a multipurpose centre featuring these four forms of popular entertainment.

  • Three floors of casino space featuring Blackjack, dice, Baccarat, slots, and Pokerstars live deck;
  • A 150-seater ‘up close and intimate’ theatre delivering jazz, swing, cabaret, and soul music;
  • An online live casino featuring over 450 Blackjack, video poker, slots, and roulette terminals;
  • A steak house judged ‘Best in London’ serving USDA prime grade steaks at competitive prices.

The Hippodrome, which is not the only one of its kind in Britain, makes it possible to enjoy a night of gambling at the theatre, with a steak dinner offered on the menu.

Vegas Variations on the Theme of Gambling at the Theatre

Las Vegas casinos including Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo, and ARIA regularly feature live entertainment by big name performers and pop bands. This ratchets up the glamour and the excitement of a night out gambling, and attracts droves of players to the venue.

In this instance ‘gambling at the theatre’ becomes ‘live shows at the casino’. And why not? Ask most casino-goers and they will tell you the combo adds to their enjoyment, and that is half the fun of going out.

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