Famous Scottish Playwrights

Scotland boasts a great richness of literature, not least of all plays. Both men and women in Scotland have contributed incredible works in this literary genre.iStock_000003496196Small1-560x350

One excellent female playwright was Joanna Baillie, who came from Bothwell, Lanarkshire. Her historical play De Monfort first appeared in 1800. One hundred-odd years later the works of Naomi Mitchison and Ada F. Kay as well as Ena Lamont Stewart had a great influence on the theatre scene of Scotland by putting the spotlight on issues of domesticity, feminine issues and gender struggles in the of backdrop of a traditionally patriarchal makeup. This is all the more impressive as it occurred before the advent of many of the feminist movements.

Sir Walter Scott 1st Baronet, FRSE, became popular in the early 1800s.. Despite being born to strict, religious parents, Scott was not strongly influenced by faith. Scott’s plays include MacDuff’s Cross and Goetz of Berlichingen, along with Iron Hand: A Tragedy. Of course he is also famous as a novelist.

Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet, OM was a novelist and a playwright. Best known as the author of Peter Pan. Barrie was educated in Scotland, and following his move to London started his career as a writer.

David Greig is another native playwright and additionally a theatre director. A contemporary author, he was born in Edinburgh in 1969 but grew up in Jos, Nigeria with his family until 1980. David’s work has been very successful and gone beyond the borders of Scotland.

A list of other modern playwrights hailing from Scotland should include Douglas Maxwell, who has become one of the most popular playwrights at present. He debuted his first play – Our Bad Magnet – in 2000. Since then his plays have been performed in Germany, France, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Canada, New Zealand, Wales and South Korea.

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